Andrew Robertson


An empathetic UX/UI designer with extensive experience building apps & games for mobile, desktop, and connected TVs. LinkedIn profile.


UXDRobertson LLC | Boise, ID
Founder, UX Design Consultant | January 2018 to Present

  • Formed a UX consultancy in early 2018 to work with organizations and agencies to bring order to their digital directions.

  • Provide accurate diagnoses of weaknesses and opportunities,

  • Define guiding principles and standards to shape long-term approaches to their products and their users,

  • Generate practical first steps for them to start moving towards their ultimate goals.

  • Clients include Truckstop, Cauze, and Dynamic Range Labs.

HBO | Seattle, WA
Senior HCI Design Engineer | March 2014 to September 2017

  • Enlisted as part of the team establishing HBO’s new UX-led technology group.

  • Recruited, hired, organized, led, and partially managed a team of 45 designers including writers, researchers, and UX & visual designers located in both the NYC and Seattle offices.

  • Co-led the design and production of the first direct-to-consumer streaming app by a major network, HBO NOW. Identified the approach, defined the work, formed working groups, and created & delivered designs, specs, and assets in three months. 

  • Set up relationships with our off-site engineering partners and established workable processes that allowed HBO NOW to ship on-time for a season premier of Game of Thrones.

  • Responsible for the HBO NOW designs for the “Ten Foot” living room experience, delivering spec’s for the apps running on XBOX, PlayStation, Apple TV, and several Smart TVs while working within each device’s unique interaction and visual model.

  • Represented HBO User Experience during early development for 4th generation AppleTV.

  • Represented HBO User Experience in discussions with HBO Latin America and HBO Europe to explore a common worldwide code platform and user experience.

  • Created designs and templates for the product management team to express complex concepts quickly throughout the organization, including visualizations of process, status, and initiatives. 

  • Established working relationship with the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University to create awareness and pipelines for future candidates. Recruited and mentored winter and summer interns guiding their projects and integrating them into the studio culture. 

PopCap Games (EA) | Seattle, WA
Art & UX Lead | March 2012 to March 2014

  • Hired to lead an artistic re-think of Peggle, a game which had underperformed due to an awkward overall style resulting from incomplete process and direction.

  • Led a small team through a structured pre-production to define the bounds of a compelling new direction. Retained whimsy and charm, added threads of logic, progression, and story.

  • As part of a small leadership team managed the project through to release defining features and schedule, filling out and augmenting the production team, implementing process and pipelines, and empowering artists to have creative freedom within the defined sandbox.

  • Designed the UX of the front-end menu system and in-game H.U.D., and directed and participated in its implementation. 

  • Managed a team of artists, animators, designers, contractors, and vendors.

Atomic Moguls | Seattle, WA
Art & UX Director | March 2008 to March 2012

  • Joined this start-up to tap sports’ online social potential by adapting team news and fantasy games for Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo.

  • Designed, produced and supported hundreds of game applications using real-world statistics and user data. 

  • Co-designed and created game art for a suite of general-manager-type simulations that leveraged simplified intuitive interfaces, straightforward mechanics, and immersive graphics to draw users in, and inventive information design to “game-ify” their data. 

  • Participated in everything from designing games and enhancements for “freemium” play, to working with partners on branding and sponsorships, and producing advertising creative to attract new users.

Mixxer (aka 3GUpload, 3Guppies) | Seattle, WA
Interactive Content Director | April 2006 to December 2007

  • Tasked with evolving an established ringtone website into a music-based mobile social network, and then transforming that into a mobile blogging community.

  • Identified and defined use-cases as a first step to creating new features and directions that would excite rather than alienate returning members. Our consistent incremental feature releases consistently beat drop-off projections by 15-20%.

  • Created comps and spec’s for new features, as well as site maps and user flows for the ever-evolving product.

  • Led small agile teams over short development cycles to create versions of the application for various social networking sites, always evangelizing for a then-modern Web 2.0 esthetic and finding ways to be more consistent, intuitive and engaging.

  • Provided visualizations of user data and trends for the board of directors and to inform design decisions.

Cranky Pants Games (THQ) | Kirkland, WA
Art Manager | April 2004 to April 2006

  • Managed a team of 13 artists developing Evil Dead: Regeneration for Xbox and PlayStation2. This involved recruitment, training, mentoring, managing team schedules, and some general art direction. 

  • Headed small strike teams for the initial design of Destroy All Humans 3, producing its pre-production Art Style Guide. 

  • Investigated and contracted outsource assistance, developing a company-wide process for studios to easily and predictably get massive amounts of assets created without recruiting fulltime in-house artists. 

  • Produced marketing materials including trailers and websites, and created front-end and in-game user interfaces (UI).

Microsoft Game Studios | Redmond, WA
Art Director | October 2002 to April 2004

  • Advised Art Directors developing role-playing games for Microsoft at several external partner studios in Europe, North America, and Australia, on how to optimize their processes and pipelines for creating, producing, and shipping their titles for Microsoft.

  • Evaluated each studio’s progress and made recommendations regarding further engagement. 

  • Conducted focus group testing and performed due-diligence assessments of potential publishing partners.

Electronic Arts Seattle | Bellevue, WA
UX/UI Design Lead | July 1997 to October 2002

  • Finished the front-end UI of FIFA Road to the World Cup (PSX), then assumed the UI/UX lead on most titles subsequently produced in the studio.

  • Drove the design process from concepts through to final art production, establishing production pipelines, managing a team of junior artists, directing 3rd party developers, and co-authoring proprietary tools for use in-studio and throughout the EA studio system. 

  • Shipped multiple high-profile & successful Xbox, PlayStation, and PC games.


Lafayette College | Easton, PA
Bachelors Degree in Biology